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UNMASKED: The Ultimate Guide to ADHD, Autism and Neurodivergence by Ellie Middleton 9780241651988

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'This book will change lives! A cracking read and a must for folks with brains who do things differently' Heidi Mavir, author of Your Child is Not Broken

'I loved it. I'm so impressed by Ellie's courage and wisdom, this book is comforting and clever, but most of all kind' Daisy Buchanan, author of Insatiable and Careering

Whether you are neurodivergent, suspect you might be, or want to be a better ally, UNMASKED will help you make sense of it all, and put the power in your hands.

Ellie was 24 when she learned she wasn't broken. She wasn't a bad person, she was neurodivergent. Her late diagnosis of ADHD and autism was like a lightbulb being switched on and she could finally start to heal from the trauma of being un-diagnosed and mis-understood for so long.

Since getting her diagnosis, Ellie has made it her mission to change the way we think about autism, ADHD and neurodivergence and in UNMASKED she shares what she has learned along her journey.

Written in a bite-sized style for whizzy brains like hers, Ellie shares chapters on mental health, pretty privilege, how to navigate the workplace and the importance of self-diagnosis so that we can all better understand and celebrate neurodivergence, and ultimately make the world a more inclusive place.

About the Author
Ellie Middleton is an activist, speaker and writer committed to breaking taboos and empowering neurodivergent people to thrive in and outside of the workplace. She is the founder of (Un)masked, a community for those with neurodivergent conditions and regularly runs workshops at global corporations including Google, Budweiser and Tinder. UNMASKED is her first book.

Brilliant deep dive into neurodivergence: provoked many eureka! moments. * Catherine Gray, author of The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober *
Ellie's book is like having a heart-to-heart with your BFF who just 'gets' your brain! Packed with personal & relatable stories, practical tips, and still manages to educate at the same time. It's a must-read to make our world more inclusive and understanding for neurodivergent people. * Vanessa D'Souza, The Autistic Chef *
This book will change your life - and the world. An inspiring & validating reminder for neurodivergent people that they are not alone. I can't wait to recommend this to the people I coach. * Leanne Maskell, author of ADHD: An A-Z *
As someone who is neurodivergent, I think Ellie Middleton is the perfect voice to represent what is a beautiful but vastly misunderstood way of being. Her work is so important, this book will be a gamechanger. * Joshua Fletcher, aka @AnxietyJosh *
I absolutely LOVED Ellie's book - her advice is reassuring, liberating and empowering and will help you be more you * Emma Reed Turrell, author of Please Yourself *
I'm in awe - can't stop reading. So many lightbulb moments and so beautifully written, beautiful gorgeous incredible. * @FeelGoodClub *
A compassionate and informative account of how to work with your brain and the patchwork nature of diversity. Neurologists listen - you need to use this in your diagnoses * Camilla Pang, author of the prize-winning Explaining Humans *
Finding out that you're neurodivergent generates as many questions as it answers. Ellie knows this all too well, and takes us on a journey through her deeply relatable story of self-discovery and quest for knowledge, repackaging her intensive research in a digestible, easy-to-use handbook for understanding autism and ADHD. Unmasked is the compassionate, practical and thoughtful guide to neurodivergence we've always deserved. I wish this book had existed when I was growing up as an undiagnosed AuDHDer, and I know that reading Unmasked will give parents, doctors and teachers the knowledge and confidence to finally accommodate and celebrate our differences. Ellie is going to change - and save - lives with this book. * Milly Evans, author of HONEST *
I loved it. I'm so impressed by Ellie's courage and wisdom, this book is comforting and clever, but most of all kind. We all have so much to learn from Ellie's words, whether we're exploring our own neurodivergence, or want to support friends and loved ones. This book deserves to be widely read. It's helped me to understand myself better, and it's helped me to understand my friends and family too. * Daisy Buchanan, author of Insatiable *
I loved it. I'm so impressed by Ellie's courage and wisdom, this book is comforting and clever, but most of all kind * Daisy Buchanan, author of Insatiable *
This book will change lives! A cracking read and a must for folks with brains who do things differently * Heidi Mavir, author of Sunday Times Bestseller, Your Child Is Not Broken *

Book Information
ISBN 9780241651988
Author Ellie Middleton
Format Hardback
Page Count 352
Imprint Penguin Life
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Weight(grams) 455g
Dimensions(mm) 222mm * 144mm * 33mm


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