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Decoding the Metaverse: Expand Your Business Using Web3 by Chris Duffey

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Discover the profitable business opportunities within the metaverse and learn how you can and why you should get your company involved today. In Decoding the Metaverse, Creative Cloud strategist and Web3 expert Chris Duffey establishes a roadmap for entry to the metaverse. Written to help businesses get a handle on a complex new business opportunity, the book begins by explaining how previous iterations of the internet led to the creation of immersive digital technology with Web3 before detailing the building blocks of the metaverse. The book takes readers through the future of digital spaces, offering insight into immersive experiences, customer engagement, product-led growth and profitability. The chapters focus on the building blocks of the metaverse, including NFTs, blockchain, tokenomics, gaming and virtual real estate. Each chapter is paired with a corresponding case study from well-known brands currently working in the metaverse. Decoding the Metaverse ends with guiding principles about the ethical ramifications of immersive experiences and digital governance. Throughout Decoding the Metaverse, Duffey highlights the importance of reaching customers through shared immersive experiences. Showcasing the potential impact of working with Web3, he explains how companies can use these opportunities to further their reach and grow their revenue. Readers will step away from the book eager to get their companies involved today.

About the Author
Chris Duffey spearheads Adobe's Creative Cloud strategic development partnerships across the enterprise space. Based in New York City, New York, Duffey serves on the Board of Directors for Association of National Advertisers New York (ANA NY) and the Consumer Technology Association's (CTA) Board of Industry Leaders. The author's work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Adweek, Adage, Cheddar, The Mirror, The Drum, Campaign,, New York Post and Business Insider. He has been recognized as one of "the industry's leaders on the top issues, challenges and opportunities in the fast-changing world of mobile marketing" by Business Insider, one of the leading minds in AI by Qualcomm and voted the #1 Boldest Digital Health Influencer Award by New York City Health Business Leaders. Duffey is the author of Superhuman Innovation, also published by Kogan Page.

"In his comprehensive new book, Chris Duffey breaks down the building blocks of the next generation of immersive and surprisingly empowering and delightful experiences - the so-called 'metaverse.' The creative minds and companies that understand and embrace these opportunities first will enjoy a tremendous advantage in the gold rush of the next digital age. Duffey's book is an indispensable guide to this exciting new world of possibility." * Scott Belsky, Founder, Behance; Chief Product Officer, Adobe *
"In the coming years, every enterprising marketer will have occasion to venture into the metaverse. In this book, Chris Duffey provides the essential guidebook. Chris in turn demystifies its core concepts and stokes excitement for the coming Cambrian explosion." * Jim Habig, VP of Marketing, LinkedIn *
"Chris Duffey provides a valuable explanation of the building blocks for the metaverse, including its linkage to Web3 and blockchain. The practical examples featured throughout the book explain why and how the metaverse will trigger one of the most significant changes that we have experienced in the past few decades. This is a fantastic go-to resource for organizations developing their metaverse strategy." * Roberto Hernandez, US Customer Strategy and Experience Leader and Global Metaverse Leader, PwC *
"A true masterpiece that aggregates essential knowledge and insights to thrive within the forthcoming metaverse era!" * Hwan Jin Choi, Professor, Hanshin University, South Korea *
"An essential resource and a refreshing and enlightening take on the metaverse as a canvas for creativity for people, business and society." * Simon Cook, CEO, LIONS *
"We are in a new era of mass digital acceleration and significant industrial change. The lines are blurring in multiple ways across creative spaces, technology, behaviors and society. It's easy to feel overwhelmed or unprepared. What we need is a modern companion to help us understand how we got here and what lies ahead, and that's exactly what Decoding the Metaverse offers readers. This is the perfect handbook for those designing the future, and it will help you navigate the crazy new era we find ourselves in." * Wayne Deakin, Global Principle, Creative, Wolff Olins *
"As businesses engage in the metaverse and Web3 technology, we must learn from history and make the conscious choice to use this technology to connect us, not separate us. Chris Duffey underscores this in Decoding the Metaverse, all of us need to be educated and informed on the metaverse and Web3 tech." * Jon Levy, behavioral scientist and 'The New York Times' bestselling author *
"In Decoding the Metaverse, Chris Duffey provides insight into the commercial integration of emerging technology, business and society. The book offers a much-needed technical overview and glossary that managers can use to think strategically about their involvement in the metaverse and Web3." * Matthew Quint, Director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership, Columbia Business School; Cohost of BRITE Ideas *

Book Information
ISBN 9781398609044
Author Chris Duffey
Format Paperback
Page Count 368
Imprint Kogan Page Ltd
Publisher Kogan Page Ltd
Weight(grams) 545g
Dimensions(mm) 235mm * 157mm * 20mm


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